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Macro-batteries: Unyielding Sentinels of the Galaxy

Across the galaxy, in crucial sectors and strategic zones, planetary governors and generals are unanimous: defense must be maximum. However, this legitimate concern has its downside: it arouses the greed of the enemy, attracted by these strongholds.

In order to optimize resources, end-of-life spaceships are recycled. Their imposing cannons, which bristle their sides, find a new life by being integrated into the defense system protecting crucial areas. They are often found orbiting cities of all types, whether agricultural worlds, industrial forges or tertiary centers.

Records reveal that the first macro-cannons to be deployed on Earth’s surface came from the Battle of Red Bone. This clash caused the fall of a space barrier towards the planet Basilarik. Although the impact was devastating, a substantial portion of the ship remained operational. The space battle turned into a ground confrontation, forcing the garrison inside the dam to defend themselves tooth and nail against the enemy determined to annihilate them. For several months, the garrison held out, using every means at their disposal, including the macro-cannons that adorned the ship’s spine. Faced with this crucial delay before reinforcements arrived, the garrison had to improvise a defense network all around the wreck, moving macro-cannons to key positions. Although this method may seem unconventional, it was gradually adopted by generals, recognizing its effectiveness in defending strategic areas.

Additional information

weapon choice

Solo laser, solo canon, solo Plasma, rotation laser, double canon, double plasma, Triple canon laser, volcano, autocannon rotation, canon quake

faction choice

Astra, blood, Ultra


without shield, with shield, Eagle


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Read carefully ⚠️ :

For these models, they will be made resin.

I offer an on-demand printing service, the parts are resin and will be UV treated and cured.

The item will be packaged in bubble wrap for optimal protection during delivery. 🚚📦

The parts may have traces of residue, it is recommended to clean them before applying the undercoat and paint.

The progress of the printing and the sending of the package will be communicated to the buyer. 📩

Contains :

  • 1 Base
  • 1 weapon of your variety choice
  • if you want more weapon option, contact me !!
  • if you want more, contact me on Instagram


There are no reviews yet.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.