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LDU – Systeme Defense – No detruitus



LDU – Systeme Defense

Since the earliest times of humanity, the lines of defense have been the backbone of the Imperium’s security. Their architectures have evolved with civilizations and available resources, reflecting the changing identities and needs of each world.

However, as the Imperium expanded across the galaxy, the need to standardize the construction of these lines of defense became crucial. Engineers and Techpriests developed standard specifications for reinforced concrete structures, facilitating their construction and distribution across the Imperium.

These Universal Defense Lines, also known as “LDUs”, quickly became an essential element of Imperial defense. They served as a solid foundation for custom expansions that were added based on the specific threats posed by the enemies of humanity.

From anti-aircraft guns to underground bunkers, minefields to heavy artillery positions, LDUs were the backdrop against which each planet built its own unique defense. Whether facing xenos hordes, heretics or the forces of Chaos, the worlds of the Imperium could count on the flexibility of the Universal Lines of Defense to ensure their security.

Thus, throughout the galaxy, LDUs have become a symbol of humanity’s resilience and determination. No matter what threat looms on the horizon, the Imperium knows it has a solid foundation it can rely on to defend its territory and its people.

STL files

All Warp Worlds Terrain Wargaming files come in STL format, one supported and one unsupported. Larger models are usually split for easier printing, and the tops of buildings are separated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Optimized for [Warhammer 40k]

This warscape terrain piece is scaled and optimized for tabletop games like Warhammer 40k. The scale of this model is 28mm, which matches the scale of Warhammer 40k, but it can be freely scaled in your slicer to fit any game of your choice.