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Structure IV



The Rise of Invictus Storm

Faced with relentless assaults from xenos and heretics, some regions experienced hostility at much higher levels than others. Generals on these beleaguered fronts demanded fortified defenses, criticizing standard bunkers for their lack of power and inability to accommodate more substantial weapons of destruction. Particularly in areas with varied topography, standard bunkers often failed to defend narrow valleys or hilltops.

Despite adjustments made by local military engineers, production costs eventually exceeded those required for establishing various production lines for a similar need. Thus, the concept of Invictus Storms was born: large-scale fortifications, cost-effective per unit, surpassing standard bunkers in size and firepower.

Invictus Storms not only reinforce defensive lines but also shelter the wounded awaiting evacuation and serve as mobile ammunition depots, albeit within well-defined limits. These colossi of steel and stone are unyielding guardians of the front lines, embodying human ingenuity in the face of galactic adversity.

Today, they stand as silent sentinels, defending the territories of the Imperium with unwavering resolve. The Invictus Storm is more than a fortification; it is a symbol of human determination to defend every inch of ground against the looming darkness.

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Astra, Blood, Ultra

With or no detruitus

No detruitus, With detruitus


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Read carefully ⚠️ :

For these models, they will be made resin.

I offer an on-demand printing service, the parts are resin and will be UV treated and cured.

The item will be packaged in bubble wrap for optimal protection during delivery. 🚚📦

The parts may have traces of residue, it is recommended to clean them before applying the undercoat and paint.

The progress of the printing and the sending of the package will be communicated to the buyer. 📩

Contains :

  • All piece for assembled one Structure IV
  • if you want more, contact me on Instagram


There are no reviews yet.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.