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Battery Invinctus Storm


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Battery Invinctus

In response to the increasingly intense assaults from enemies of the Imperium, a natural evolution of the Invictus Storms has emerged: the integration of an optional heavy weapon system. Designed to provide additional fire support to the defenders, these weapon systems offer formidable firepower against enemy forces.

The addition of these heavy armaments has significantly enhanced the Invictus Storms’ ability to repel enemy assaults. Laser cannons, rocket launchers, and mounted artillery batteries have proven their effectiveness time and again, eliminating threats from a distance and effectively supporting ground troops.

In a particularly innovative move, these weapons can also be mounted on individual automated turrets, allowing them to be deployed anywhere on the battlefield. This increased tactical flexibility enables Imperium forces to quickly adapt to changing situations on the front, reinforcing their ability to effectively defend their positions.

However, acquiring these armaments is no easy task. Due to their rarity and high cost, obtaining these heavy weapon systems can pose a major logistical challenge. Only the best-equipped and best-supplied forces can afford to fully integrate these armaments into their Invictus Storms.

Despite these challenges, the addition of these optional heavy weapon systems has proven to be a vital strategy in certain critical situations, further strengthening the defensive position of the Invictus Storms and ensuring the protection of Imperium territories against any external threat.

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Weapon choice

Autocannon, Canon, Canon Laser, Flammer, Fuseur, Glating, GravGun, MiniGun, Missile Launcher, Plasma


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Read carefully ⚠️ :

For these models, they will be made of flexible resin to guarantee their resistance to shocks

I offer an on-demand printing service, the parts are resin and will be UV treated and cured.

The item will be packaged in bubble wrap for optimal protection during delivery. 🚚📦

The parts may have traces of residue, it is recommended to clean them before applying the undercoat and paint.

The progress of the printing and the sending of the package will be communicated to the buyer. 📩

Contains :

  • 1 Base
  • 1 weapon of your variety choice
  • if you want more, contact me on Instagram


There are no reviews yet.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.